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Is an iPhone Purple Screen Death problem Being Forced On Your Phone? Here’s How to Solve It The iPhone purple screen menace. If you own an iPhone and have tried to Jailbreak your iphone, then you must have experienced an iphone purple screen death you try to jailbreak devices such as iPod touch, iPad, 3GS or iPhone 4s, the purple screen is a very undesirable problem. Purple Lines on screen, no reaction on the screen Hi i had the same probleam, my phone become purple with strips and my toch didnt responed. i took out my sim card while the iphone still work and just blew inside and it works like a charm, and i did it after a few people told me that i must replace the screen. I have a 6 month warranty. Jan 02,  · Note 5 Screen Has Purple Blue Patch. Problem: I dropped my phone from a very short height but on a concrete road. It was so that there was a small corner of the screen (where it .

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A pink line popped up on the screen. It goes phone purple screen top to bottom in middle. I tried changing theme, wallpaper, setting, and rebooting phone. It don't seem to want to phone purple screen away but when I send photos or anything else it will appear normal on there screen.

Is there anything I can do to fix? Any help will be appreciated, thank you. Go to Solution. This is most likely a sign of the display failing. Also you can try taking it back to where you bought it from and see if they can do an exchange on the device since its not that old. Hello and welcome to the Samsung Community. Please provide us more information about this concern. This will better allow us and the community to assist you phone purple screen now and in the future!

Also to avoid repetition, can we get an idea of some of the troubleshooting steps you may have tried, phone purple screen, if any? Thanks for this information! You mentioned that when pictures are sent to others they don't see the pink line. Indeed with the screen shot you sent we don't see it here either, phone purple screen. In this case it sounds like your screen itself might have a column of pixels that are acting up! We can certainly try some troubleshooting just to check, phone purple screen, but this might require a repair.

To avoid repetition though, what troubleshooting steps have you already tried, if any? I have the same issue. Called Samsung tech report and they want me to go 10 days without a phone while I mail them mine to fix. I used the oculus glasses for 10 minutes, phone purple screen, after all the software downloads, and updates I got the pink line down the screen.

Called support, they told me that it was definitely a software issue, said they would call back in an hour, software update did nothing and no response from support. Oculus glasses ruined my Galaxy S7 and I can't get support. Sign In. Turn on suggestions.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Lemons22 Asteroid. S7 edge pink line down screen. Any help will be appreciated, thank you Solved! Topics: Galaxy S7 edge. To get red of pink line put your finger on the top of your screen and slowly press it the line would disappear.

Accepted Solutions. JonDev Comet. Re: S7 edge pink line down screen. Reply Loading SamsungViv Honored Contributor. Carrier is Verizon. I also have a pink. Their repair centers charge upwards of to replace the screen - their support wouldn't even tell me the price on the phone. I visited a local repair shop and they ant - not bad considering the screen costs alone.

Still way too expensive for what this phone is. Phone purple screen think we all learned an expensive, but valuable, lesson. Related content.


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phone purple screen


Okay, so yes i have a few cracks in my screen but i was taking a shower, when i got done i went on twitter and stuff it was working perfectly fine and i set it down and it start glitching out and turning pink/purple and it turns on but it is constantly pink and i don't know how to fix it or what is wrong with it. Jan 23,  · HELP! iPhone screen went purple/blue. Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mzd90, Jan 17 was up to date. Nothing. Well after a few times of trying to get my screen to come on, it came back up with a purple/blue screen that I wasn't able to do anything with. Anyone had any of these problems? you can still get a new phone, using one of your. Apr 17,  · In this video, I will be showing a solution to the problem of the S7 Edge having purple smudges on the screen. Please Like and Subscribe and I .